When to Change your Windows

Exactly how do we know when it’s time to call time on that dependable double-glazed window set? There are a couple of typical signs which can assist clue us in. We’ve touched upon the signs that double glazing is stopping working in a previous blog, but we’ll quickly recap them here:

Physical Damage
Begin by examining the window itself. Is it in good shape? Are the seals still intact? Does it open smoothly? If your window has been cracked, then it might be possible to get it fixed. Nevertheless, if the window was currently a little long in the tooth, it will most likely make more sense to look for a replacement rather.

In the case of uPVC windows, you’re trying to find a yellowing which takes place when the plastic is exposed to direct sunshine. Over the years, all of that UV can take its toll on particular older sorts of uPVC. Happily, modern-day stuff can hold up against a lot more before it begins to discolour.

If you’re replacing a timber window, then you’re searching for indications of warping and decaying. You might be able to resolve this with a bit of preventative maintenance: sanding and refinishing can work marvels. Eventually, nevertheless, you’re going to need to change.

While condensation on the within a window throughout winter season indicates that the panel is carrying out well, the same isn’t true of condensation that forms in between the panels of your double glazing. This area is built to be sealed. If any moisture has gotten in, then that means that the seal has failed, and all of the heat-preserving gas has actually leaked out. This means the energy-retention of your window will have plunged.

Can You Replace Windows in the Winter?
An essential evil when it concerns window replacement is that you’ll need to eliminate the old set before setting up the new one. As such, there will be a brief period when your home is open to the aspects. If this duration occurs during cold weather, then your house will become extremely cold, very quickly. Many installers will advise against changing during winter season.

Nevertheless, if you prepare competently, there’s no reason that you can’t get your windows replaced at practically whenever of year. We are, after all, just speaking about a brief period where you won’t have any window at all. Simply make certain to inspect the weather report on the day in question, and don’t be afraid to push things back if there’s a blizzard incoming.

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